Apply Beard Balm

How to Apply Beard Balm?

Beard balm is an absolutely essential product for any man looking to properly groom, style, and care for a fashionable, healthy beard. But in order to gain the multitude of benefits quality beard balm offers, it's very important to know the proper techniques and best practices of how to apply beard balm. Applying beard balm correctly provides immense hydration directly to the hair follicles and shaft, enhances natural shine and luster, helps prevent frustrating itchiness and beardruff, enables you to sculpt styling and shape, and protects the delicate facial skin underneath your beard.

This guide will walk you through, step-by-step, all the key tips and methods for how to apply beard balm to make the most of this extremely useful for Classic Grooming beard care product.

Choosing Your Beard Balm

With the rising mainstream popularity of beards among men sporting various beard styles and lengths, an incredibly wide range of beard balm products has flooded the men's grooming marketplace both online and in stores. However, not all beard balms deliver the same quality of ingredients, effectiveness of results, and pleasantness of application. When selecting a beard balm, you'll want to seek out ones offering these key advantages:

  1. Natural Oils & Butter - The best balms contain beneficial natural oils like argan, grapeseed, and jojoba, as well as nourishing kinds of butter like shea and cocoa. Balms with these ingredients absorb well without greasiness. Avoid any other questionable chemicals.
  1. Lightweight Creamy Texture - Seek a balm with a smooth, spreadable texture that melts easily and absorbs quickly without leaving any oily residue behind on your skin or beard hair.
  1. Pleasant Masculine Scents - Many balms utilize refreshing and soothing essential oils that provide pleasing, mild aromas. Seek uplifting scents you enjoy, or go unscented if you have sensitive skin.
  1. Deep Moisturizing Properties - A quality balm must deeply hydrate and condition your beard hairs and the skin underneath to combat itchiness, dandruff, and brittleness. It should leave your beard feeling soft and looking shiny.
  1. Non-Greasy Finish - The balm should provide moisturizing care without any heavy, greasy or waxy feeling left behind in your beard. No one wants to end up with a wet, limp, oily matted beard.
  1. Smooth Hassle-Free Application - You want a balm that spreads through your beard hair quickly and easily without tugging or resistance. Application experience is key to compliance with your beard care routine.

Taking the time to test out various beard balm brands and formulas allows you to find your favorite in terms of performance, texture, masculine scent, and ease of use. Putting effort into choosing quality balms pays off.

Prepping Your Facial Hair

Before you learn how to apply beard balm, it's crucial to prep before beard balm application boosts its effectiveness:

  1. Always start with freshly washed and dried facial hair. This removes dirt, oil buildup, and dead skin cells that can impede balm absorption.
  1. Use a blow dryer on a low, warm setting to fully dry damp beards and open follicles to receive hydration.
  1. Thoroughly brush or comb through from roots to tips to remove tangles and align hairs for styling.

With prep work complete, your beard is ready to soak in all the nourishing benefits of balm.

Scooping the Balm

The right amount of balm ensures effective coverage without overdoing it:

  • For shorter beards under 1 inch, a pea-sized amount is sufficient.
  • For medium-length beards of 1-4 inches, use about a marble-sized scoop.
  • Longer beards over 4 inches do best with about a quarter-sized dollop.

Additionally, use your fingers to scoop out the appropriate portion to start with from the balm container.

Evenly Distributing Into Your Beard

Here is how to apply beard balm in such a way that it is evenly distributed throughout the entirety of your beard: 

  1. Warm the balm between your fingers to melt slightly and make the application smooth.
  1. Spread and lightly massage the balm thoroughly into your beard from the skin outward. Get full coverage down to the roots.
  1. Pay extra attention to the ends, which are the driest portions.
  1. Ensure mustache, chin, sideburns and any patchy spots get balm coverage.

Take the time to fully work the balm all the way through your facial hair.

Styling Your Beard

Another step when it comes to how to apply beard balm is to use these tips to style your beard.

  1. While balm is still warm and malleable, sculpt and shape your beard by combing it into place.
  1. Twirl and sweep mustache tips into the desired form using a shaping tool.
  1. If needed, use a hair dryer on a low, warm setting to re-melt the balm and set styling.
  1. For added hold, apply a beard wax, paste, or spray over the balm.

Troubleshooting Issues

Try out these troubleshooting steps in the event that you run into any sort of issue:

  1. The amount that is used should be adjusted; too little will not penetrate well, and too much will appear wet and sticky.
  1. Completely work the balm through the beard, being sure to coat all of the hairs down to the follicles.
  1. Allow some time for the balm to absorb into the skin; it takes a few minutes for it to properly set.
  1. Remove any product accumulation by thoroughly washing the beard before applying the product.
  1. Experiment with using a different brand of balm because the ease of use of the various formulations varies dramatically.

The process of perfecting your method of how to apply beard balm requires some practice, but it leads to significant improvements.

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