About US

Before I could ever grow a beard, I wanted to grow a beard.I once saw a Monty Wooly picture and that in my mind legitimized bearding style as a choice.There were many other reasons as well - growing up looking at the styles of the beatniks Alexander Graham Bell etc. Over the years I’ve tried many products, oils, grooming products, and conditioners on my beard.Then I found a product that I thought was purely sensational.It was made by a man in Chicago by hand and in small batches.I used his product for four years.He then went on to become a chef and no longer had the time to produce this wonderful beard butter balm.He was however nice enough to allow me to have and use his formula.Most products like this take months of experimentation to come up with the right formula so I was thrilled with his generosity.I am now bringing that wonderful Beard Butter Balm for Grooming and Conditioning to you.With regular use you will find that your facial skin feels good and nice, your beard will be more manageable and you will be able to put your best face forward.Enjoy Mr. Yanni’s Beard Butter Balm.It also makes a nice gift for those you know with beards.